Sep 29, 2004

Tribute to Friendship

One day Kota and Chishty sent me a poem they wrote especially for me. I replied with another poem, I had written especially for them. That was the first poem I ever wrote. Here's that one for you guys.

Friends will come and friends will go,

The seasons change and it will show,

I will age and so will you,

But our friendship stays, strong and true.

- Chishty and Kota.

So say you, my bosom friends,

Aye to you, it will not end,

Age or season, what it may,

Our friendship stays all the way.

Whadya say, my twosome friends,

Of my way, of telling things.

And I'll stay, forever true,

In your sway, till time through.

The day will come, when we'll meet,

Till then we part, for what we dreamt.

I'd repeat it once again, the two of you,

Are best of friends, I'll ever have.

- Padayatty.

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A few years back I read this wonderful book by Joseph Heller called "Catch-22". That's where I got the name for this blog.
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