Mar 9, 2009


Hey, this is Neil here! I'm sorry Paddu left the scene for a while. Poor Langoti was busy making a livin'. You find it funny, that the Lord, could have worries such as these. Well then yes, all didn't go according to plan for dear NSP. That is, IF there was a plan in the first place. Nony wanted to come seething, biting, growling, grinding teeth together. NeilO' comes a-bumbling, clumsy as an oaf, grinning a smile you almost forgot. Did you? Oh did you folks forget poor Neeli of the old? After all that he'd done! I mean, what could I ever give you over the telephone. How could a voice from afar, barely able to weave thoughts into words in between stutters of competing ideas, substitute your favourite mere mortal's presence? If you think otherwise think about all the funny one-liners I ever made. Can't remember any, can ya? Well it's because I never made any funny one-liners. It's because I never was the kind that caused rib aches. I never found answers to any of your problems. What I was though, was somebody who was just... around!
See now, I can't do that kind of thing anymore. I left them threads in a mess. It appears to me, the rest of my life getting them untangled!