Apr 26, 2005

Me Back on Air

I'm back from the 'Down Under', where everything's cool. It's a beautiful country, with toy like houses, green lawns, colourful hoardings, big skyscrapers... I mean there's too much, that I don't know what exactly to blog about. I guess I won't do a delibrate blog. I'll relate experiences as it comes to me in between writing or thinking about something else.
My team reached the semi-finals of the competition, and in fact was the only Indian team to reach the semi-finals. That's not much, but that's kind of solace.
But I do reiterate what I've always believed... HNLU is going places. So are all HNLUites. How else do you explain the brilliance of Adarsh Abraham Varghese, who won the prize of Best Oralist (Preliminary Rounds). Proud of you my boy. And me... I'll tell my grandkids the story of the prize.

Hail Hidayatullah!

Apr 9, 2005

Me Down Under

That's the culmination of the effort. It really had to happen after all this. Thank God it did.
Me... I'm off to Sydney for the Asia-Pacific Round of the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition 2005.
We leave today on the 7:30pm train for Mumbai. Tomorrow we catch the 6:30pm Qantas direct flight to Sydney. Morning, the 11th, we'd reach Sydney, for another Glory Quest. God help us!
We'd performed good at the Bangalore funding rounds. So I believe we have just as good a chance as any other team to Glory.

And you guys, wish us luck!

Apr 2, 2005

Pope John Paul II

He's dead!

I am no one to write pages on the Pope's doings. There are a few points perhaps where I have an inherent disagreement with him. But neverthless, his person never ceases to amaze me. He represents Chritianity in most things he does. I well appreciate his stands on family and marriage issues. In a fast liberalising world, he did a good job stepping out to stop such liberalizations which are done for the sake of liberalization. I feel strongly on the importance of the institution of family, which the Pope sought to protect. This Pope was more of a world citizen, in that he practised tolerance of all other's unlike him. His rapproachments with Protestants, Jews and such other acts were proof of this.

I remember a news item I saw which deeply moved me. The Pope, had asked forgiveness for the sins Chritians had committed against the Jews. That moves me a lot. I mean, it's not easy to accept that you have sinned, especially when you are accepting that on behalf of a billion or so, people. And asking for forgiveness, is something that shows utmost humility which is characteristic of Christ's teaching.

The Heavenly Host Receive Him!