Feb 5, 2005

There's a Loyolite in every success!

There aren't many from Loyola, who took to a 'law'ful career. But of those who have actually decided to go for the batty profession, there has been cent percent success. I'd cite a few examples to prove my point.

Ananth Padmanabhan (2001 ISC)of NLSIU, currently in 3rd year, was part of the team which won the prize for the best team at the prestigious Bar Council Of India Moot Court Competition. He also got the prize for Best Student Advocate of India. Three cheers to him, and glory to Loyola.

Arun Krishnadhan (2002 ISC) of NUJS, currently in 3rd year, was part of the team which won the First Prize for Best Mooting Team, in the Jessup's India-North Zone Round, 2005. He and his team would represent India at the prestigious International Round of Jessup's at Washington. Loyola and AMDG.

Arvind Vijayan (2000 SSLC) of HNLU, currently in 2nd year, was part of the team which won the prize for Best Memorial, in the CUSAT Law-Fest 2004. He did us proud.

Neil Stephen Padayatty* (2000 SSLC) of HNLU, currently in 2nd year, was part of the team which won the 2nd Best Memorial at the 4th National Human Rights Moot Court held by SILT, Kottayam. Proud to be a Loyolite.

Now if your Lordships have no further questions, I would rest my case. I don't know about any of the achievements of our other 'Law'yolites. But I'd record that Kiran Prince Chengalai(2000 SSLC), who's here at HNLU, with me, is doing good at a comfortable 4th rank in the University. Three cheers to him too.

Besides these names mentioned already, we have a few other Loyolites at Law schools, like Shankar(2002 ISC) at NUJS and Aju G. John(2001 ISC) at NLSIU. If any other Loyolite see's this post and think that they ought to get mention here, they may please drop a comment

Cheer Loyola Sons!

*Ahem... that's me. But I guess, since I'm a Loyolite and proud to be one and this list is about Loyolites, I guess I deserve mention.

Feb 4, 2005

HNLU at Jessup's

Good news for HNLU. The team consisting of Anand Shankar Jha, Ananth Kaushik and Tanuj Bhushan, brought glory to HNLU, when they bagged the prizes for 3rd Best Mooting Team and the 2nd Best Memorial at the Jessup's India North-Zone Competition. Hail Hidayatullah and congrat's to all three of them. They did us proud!

Feb 3, 2005

Indian Bloggers List

Here's a list of all the Indian's in BlogWorld. This list maintained by Anita Bora won the "Best Indiblog Directory Award" in the 'IndiBlog Awards 2003'.

Here's to India:

Indian Bloggers List

Feb 2, 2005

On the Gonds of India

I'd make use of my blogspot to promote my friends and also as a source of links to much needed information, the likes of which I had a hard time finding.

Last sem at HNLU, my classmate Janak Hidko, did his Sociology course project on the 'Gond Community'. His comprehensive work received much appreciation both from the faculty and the students. I'd recommend this very informative article to everyone who wants to find out about the Gond's. Here's the link:


Congratulations to Janak on his article's getting published online on the joharadivasi.com.