Feb 2, 2005

On the Gonds of India

I'd make use of my blogspot to promote my friends and also as a source of links to much needed information, the likes of which I had a hard time finding.

Last sem at HNLU, my classmate Janak Hidko, did his Sociology course project on the 'Gond Community'. His comprehensive work received much appreciation both from the faculty and the students. I'd recommend this very informative article to everyone who wants to find out about the Gond's. Here's the link:


Congratulations to Janak on his article's getting published online on the joharadivasi.com.

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Rupert Russell said...

I am trying to find Narendra Pratap Singh, son of Bhanu Pratap Singh, resident of Koma Khan village which was a minor kingdom of Suarmar in British Raj days. Narendra Pratap Singh would be about 70 years old now. Koma Khan village is not too far from Raipur, in the region of Chattisgarh. Narendra is a "Raj-Gond" implying he was of the ruling class, but basically he is a Gond. Narendra and I wwere once very close. Can you help me. Please email: rjrussell@netbay.com.au