May 26, 2005

The Rolling Stone

"How does it feel
How does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?"

Well, I don't know much about anything. But sometimes I feel, being the kind of irresponsible person I am, I might be better off being the Rolling Stone. Ah! The Bliss! Just the super-tramp, the musafir, who keeps going with no direction, giving nothing and taking nothing.

But then... I tend to do some giving. You know things like unsolicited advice. That don't cost me a thing. But turns out, unsolicited advise that actually turns out to be useful for the other guy, puts the musafir in trouble. That builds a bond that pulls the musafir back. Poor me never intended it to pull me back. I did it out of the pure goodness in me. But now turns out I'm the object of the undeserved gratefullness of another, to whom I told something which I wouldn't do with myself!

Go on... but beware of giving any of those damned lectures on things you can't do yourself! But then leaving without taking nothing. That becomes difficult for me. I spin a bond with the guy who offered me some grub when I was starving. I wanna do something for him. Surely, there can't be two rolling stones in the same town. Is there anything I can do? Oh don't you worry about that... I'm doing just fine. You could've asked for something brother. then I wouldn't have given it to you. But now you chose so selfishly to not take a favour in return of a favour. That puts me in trouble. I can't break this bond!

There's friendship and love and other beautiful things in this world!

Walk on! Roll On! But don't mind about gathering that bit of moss!


silverine said...

Lovely post.... and so true. there is but only a few who can call themselves Rolling Stones in the truest sense of the word. And the rest of us .....gather moss on the way. Well written.


lokks like a proud musafir,anyways a great article,but god damn your advices dude,continue making people happy rather than striking an advisory note,"SADLY IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO A BUFFET"

Angel said...

walk on! roll on!

thats great advice!that's exactly what I'm gonna do!!
*rolls away*

Sridhar said...

Hop , hop blog hop.

and since i'm here and i read your post lemme leave something behind

try this book if you can get it

"The Autobiography of a Supertramp"
by WH Davies

Praveen said...

Neil, this is a wonderful post and you have really conveyed a great deal.

Neenu said...

Hai Neil,
gr8 work,
Neil always think positively.
If u get,then try this book,
by Norman Vincent Palae.
Continue writing......i knw u r a skilled writer

waiting for the next post>>

Neil Padayatty said...

Thanks all of you! I wouldn't be here without you!

idli ideas said...

keep rolling

idli ideas said...

thnx for dropping by my blog