Jul 10, 2005

Statistically Me!

I just became a statistic. You can be one too...

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silverine said...

Will miss you Niel ! btw what statistics do you come under ? Brilliant lawyer now extinct or yet another young lawyer who never made it? :))

( just kidding.. hope you will be the most-brilliant-lawyer-India- has ever produced !!!)

ps hope that Rs.50,000 discount on all my cases you offered me still holds good :))

Neil Padayatty said...

About the offer Anjali... there's bound to be some catch in between the fine-print. So don't count too much on the discounts. The catches might not let the eggs hatch!

By the way, it Neil, not Niel... ok.

Jiby said...

lol...that wuz funny both of u!!!