Jan 31, 2005

Padayatty in Blogworld

Since the time of the blogging revolution's early beginnings, I've read about it in local newspapers. I even came across a few blogs which didn't interest me any much to get initiated into blogging. Moreover, by the boom time of the blog's I was in some of my most serious academic phases, which meant I wouldn't have any access to the internet. So after all that, I came and joined HNLU, whereon began my blogging days.

Here are the links to two blogs that made me want to get into blogging. They're not any drop-dead great or anything, but something about these appealed to me.



The first one, belongs to somebody I knew from my Loyola days. The thing is that, though this guy was not any great friend of mine, or any swell guy by my standards, once I started reading his blog, I couldn't help coming back to his blog. That's what blogging is all about.

Catch my reviews of both these blogs, very soon.


Anurag said...

Hey mate, good to see u in blog-world!

Hari Gopal said...

Hahahaha, 'Vysnu' just so happens to be my bro!

7472 said...

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jon said...

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