Apr 9, 2005

Me Down Under

That's the culmination of the effort. It really had to happen after all this. Thank God it did.
Me... I'm off to Sydney for the Asia-Pacific Round of the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition 2005.
We leave today on the 7:30pm train for Mumbai. Tomorrow we catch the 6:30pm Qantas direct flight to Sydney. Morning, the 11th, we'd reach Sydney, for another Glory Quest. God help us!
We'd performed good at the Bangalore funding rounds. So I believe we have just as good a chance as any other team to Glory.

And you guys, wish us luck!


silverine said...

Best of luck!

MadV said...

Good Luck.. Our prayers are with you..

Angel said...

WHOA!! I love Australia!!not that I've been there,but... ;)
so I guess you'll be reading this from the land o the aussies, mate!
All the best and knock yourself out!!

Neil Padayatty said...

Thanks a lot for the prayers and the good wishes. This is me from Sydney and I'm on top of the world. We're staying in the sub-urbs with friends. This place is so beautiful and organized. It's cool. I'm too excited to be coherent. I'll be blogging in length as soon as possible. Thanks again guys.
We have a team briefing today evening at 5:00. We're just leaving for that. The time zone change made us sleep till afternoon here.
Love you guys.

Jiby said...

Hey Neil,
Congratulations and Good Luck in Sydney...am sure you will do well!


da machi,still cant digest ,you and australlia,but proud of you my son,even though jealousy is somewhere round the corner,so will u be there when i come,IF you are at sydeny please meet m friends mark and steve waugh ,i have told them about you,But they are a bit reluctant to come and meet you,steve waugh is aperfect gentelman,tell me where you are staying and all,One more thing this angel is neena right??

Angel said...

errr...no I am not :)

Neil Padayatty said...

Darren Fletcher? Wonderful? Ani... I think you're still under the impression that your jokes are actually jokes. Steve Waugh, is it? Man... When will you learn to crack good jokes the way I do.

And... Angel is NOT Neena, and definitely is NOT any creation of mine.
She's a genuinely nice person with whom I got acquainted in Blogsphere. So there. Check out her original writing at


achante ballil thanne unjalu ketti aadanam ,vello bloggum cheythal pora ,athinedakku