Apr 26, 2005

Me Back on Air

I'm back from the 'Down Under', where everything's cool. It's a beautiful country, with toy like houses, green lawns, colourful hoardings, big skyscrapers... I mean there's too much, that I don't know what exactly to blog about. I guess I won't do a delibrate blog. I'll relate experiences as it comes to me in between writing or thinking about something else.
My team reached the semi-finals of the competition, and in fact was the only Indian team to reach the semi-finals. That's not much, but that's kind of solace.
But I do reiterate what I've always believed... HNLU is going places. So are all HNLUites. How else do you explain the brilliance of Adarsh Abraham Varghese, who won the prize of Best Oralist (Preliminary Rounds). Proud of you my boy. And me... I'll tell my grandkids the story of the prize.

Hail Hidayatullah!


Adarsh A. Varghese said...

I sincerely hope that you do have a few grandchildren.

silverine said...

Not enough. please give the dirty details. Like how many aussie pubs were u thrown out of and how many Fosters u downed.I promise not to divulge these secrets to the 'grandkids'.

Jiby said...

neil, thanks for prodding me to blog again...lot of other things took priority for some time...never mind that u didnt win...congrats on reaching the semis...being able to participate in something like this is the stuff of dreams...wud love to read in detail abt ur aussie adventure...one place i really want to travel to some day.

MadV said...

So you are back.. Are you fascinated by the living style of ppl and Kangaroos in Australia.. Or wud you like to sing.. "Bharat Hum ko jaan se pyaara hein.."

Travelling helps to know about different cultures and living styles.. You visited Australia? Coooooool Man..

You dint loose but others took away victory from you.. Itz really gr8 of u ppl to reach till semi finals.. Congrats!!!.. Cheeeeeeers for you all..

Praveen said...

I have known that Australia is a place to visit and is really beautiful. I have also heard great things said about New Zealand also.

Neil Padayatty said...

@Adarsh - sure thing!
@silverine - dirty... i know just what you mean!
@jiby - anytime jiby chetta!
@madv - India ol' place anyday!
@praveen - Australia I know... NZ no!