Sep 22, 2005

Seven Padayatty Things!

Anjali tagged me the Seven tag! Had trouble just collecting seven things for each heading, silverine tagged me! She suggested checking out, MatterofChoice and Jiby. Their's put me at ease. But, whatever I'm giving here is entirely mine. You got no phonie here! Well, here goes...

Seven things I plan to do before I die!!!
1. Finish writing my magnum opus about the things me and my friends did; about Loyola, about TVM-Vikings, about the best days of my life! (I've started already. Might take a long time in coming out. But, I prefer it that way. The experience is quite worth it.)
2. Make my movie, complete with story, screenplay, direction, camera, music by Padayatty. (tall order... I know! But I'll do it if its the last thing I do)
3. Fall in Love. (who me? yes, why not!)
4. Remain the way I am, because I'm convinced, that I am me!
5. Get back to and finally finish my violin lessons.
6. Well, my parents are my 'perfect fans', in that their belief in my mere mortal self's talents is unreasonably reasonless. But, the world outside might, and maybe do call them fools, for the way they've raised me. So I'll do for them, one thing that'll shut these nosy parkers forever. Give mine parents, a worldly reason to be proud of me!
7. Show this world, that the things I stood for, were never in vain!

Seven things you can do!!!
1. Write notices on the HNLU noticeboard which irk all of those establishment reps.
2. Play the violin. (a bit rusty, but sure can make a comeback)
3. Make friends happy.
4. Maintain at least, mail-once-a-month with friends and family, because though I care, I've never cared to show it.
5. Forgive, no matter what. (even phonies! They're the most easy to forgive; one understands their motivations).
6. Change some lives. (I believe I have, and will continue to do so)
7. Give everyone the respect they're entitled to. (I've got lots of it... So why not share it!)

Seven things you can't do!!!
1. Quit being the shy fellow I am.
2. Get organised.
3. Say no to a friend.
4. Talk cool with girls.
5. Forget the TVM Vikings.
6. Become first in anything.
7. Hurt Neena(my twin-sister)!

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex!!!
1. Sense of humour, but not the 'giggling-girl' kind.
2. Ability to discuss books, movies, music with me in the same sense as I take it.
3. Sensitivity, but within limits (no fainting at the sight of blood, no 'cho chweet' attitude towards everything). I hate most Bollywood heroines.
4. Independence and respect for my independence.
5. Smartness, not necesarily the way everyone understands the word.
6. Lack of 'phony' characteristics, like exaggerated self-righteousness.
7. Love dear Padayatty, despite his many shortcomings.

(Someday, I'll write a post on each one of these!)

Seven things you say most!!!
1. Eeshoye...
2. Padayatty this and that!
3. I swear a lot. Me speaks a lot of bad words. Can't help it. No malice intended, though! (3 - 7)

Seven celebrity crushes!!!
1. Nicole Kidman.
2. Meera Jasmine.
(I don't think I'll say anymore. If you're asking crushes, most celebrities fit.)

Seven people you want to take this quiz!!!
1. Achuthan.
2. Angeline.
3. Ashok.
4. Jithu.
5. Madhvi.
6. Sandeep.
7. Vishnu.

And, Catch-22 might apply to all these things I've written. As I've said elsewhere, I might eat my words. Can't help it, it's my diet!

P.S. Well, angeline had given me two tags, one of which, the book tag, I've already answered. The other one, will be after you answer this one! How 'bout that!


silverine said...

Hi Neil!

Actually one of the things in my to-do list was spell your name right!! :))

Impressive and very straight-from-the-heart-list!

Best of luck in your endeavours.

Jiby said...

Neil, the best thing I loved about your post and all who did this tag is everyone tried to re-affirm their idealism which sort of gets lost in the daily struggle to survive. i think if we keep this tag close to our heart we might actually achieve a lot what we wrote about, but then there's always that ovecoming of Catch-22 as you said.

btw i forgot to mention this earlier...thanks for the school anthem in your loyola realize why we swear by our school so just needs to sing that song!

>|' ; '| said...

do tell us more about the TVM Vikings :-?

:D and i did 7 tag :)

Angel said...

oops, SEVEN is a huge number, mister Padayatty.
I shall see what I can cook up ;)


da nice blog,but for vikings sake please remove this comment and my name from the list of seven coz as u know my ego just doesnt allow me to be in the same list as your new friends,coz more than a friend you are everything for me da,and i am sure it is that way for you also,with all due respect to those mentioned in the list to take the quiz...,i dont belong in that list coz i mean more to nonny and he means more to me than the others in the list,also what other celebrities for us da other than the seven letters V I K I N G S forever friends

Neil Padayatty said...

@silverine & Jiby - I thought the same about your lists. And I think you two are, earnest, honest, non-phonie bloggers, who take a genuine interest in their fellow-bloggers. Thanks for egging me on! Your comments made a lot of difference!
@jiby - I put it there so that, I can look it up for inspiration any time I'm in want of some. It truly is inspiring, the Cheer Loyola Sons!

@poison - We're a friendly bunch of friends, who've done a lot of funny things (material for my novel/movie), and we had each of our company as our top priority, and live in hopes that we'll be together, once more, on another day, to continue doing the things that we've always done!
I'm sure anybody with 'real' friends would have had similar experiences and the memories, though I'd like to think, there were none quite like us!
Thanks! And I'll be seeing your tag.

@angel - You better! And don't need any cooking up, because the tags meant to be you!

@darren fletcher - If that's how you feel, I'll do it. But I still think, you should do the tag! You'll never ever be just another buddy for me... you'll always be the best pal I've had!


machi sorry da was not in my senses when i read that,hehe,so cool tmrw i will do the tag,jai vikings,

Jithu said...

nice to know a lil more abt u man.. well i have taken that quiz a while back.. :-)

Indian Lawyer said...


Your blog is in my fav folder. Liked your blog.

Praveen said...

I can feel the honesty in this post, really candid too. Maybe you should write an autobiography someday :)

Angel said...

*clears throat*
you have been tagged....AGAIN!!!
(hate to say this, but you asked for it ;) )

Nair said...

Neil, i read your "Seven Things". If I can be any help to you in fulfilling those "things" then I'll be always there for you.

Neil Padayatty said...

@darren - Now c'mon Bade, that's you, stalwart of the vikings! I understand the feeling!

@jithu - Well, I guess that's ok. i just couldn't find seven guys to do the tag. Maybe I'll change the nameto somethng else,or better, leave it as it is!

@indian lawyer - Thank you! Keep visiting! I have an affinity to the bar!

@praveen - Thank you, praveen. I intend to do jus that!

@angel - *just passed out*

@nair - I knew could count on you. Thanks anyway!