Oct 1, 2005

Happy Birthday 'Catch-22'

Well me... I put, all of me in a blog... Catch-22!
It's now one year since I began blogging. And I'm thankful for whatever it has done for me!

Started on the particularly Catch-22 evening of 9.29.2004, inspired by Anurag and Vishnu, and a few other blogspots. Catch-22... because I was caught in one involving friends at that time and because the book itself has had tremendous influence in my life philosophy.

I had told all my friends at HNLU about my new endeavour. But it was my good friend Marcus Jose Arikupuram, who dropped me the first ever comment on my blog, on my Tribute to Friendship poem. It was something to go by.

"hi padayatty,i was really amazed when i read the poem,i never thougth that you will do such a big adventure.anyway you really done a great work,keep going...i find a great future in you ....ALL THE VERY BEST MY DEAR PADAYATTY....."

Thank you, Marcus!

I go through a phase where I'm no able to connect with the people around me, and I feel dead lost! I get an email from a stranger, who said,

"Hello Neil...
I'm Stephanie (or some may call me Nyogen), I've come across your blog... or perhaps your blog found me! I enjoy your thoughts and your writing style, I find your blog compelling, yet refreshing. Even your book list is great, I should create my own, since I love great works of writing.So that's it, I just wanted to say hello, and introduce myself

Thanks nyogen, these words of yours... I'll treasure for ever!

Now truly into blogging, I start blog-hopping, reading about the interesting things in other people's lives. At that point of time, I was bent upon increasing the number of links to my blog, just for the sake of it and so that I could get a higher ranking in one of the many blog directories. I even dropped comments asking people to give reciprocal links.

But later I realised... that was stupid. Because, when I started blogging, it was, so that I could fill a great void, so that I could find people like me, so that I could realise I was no loner in the world of thoughts. But that, then, was not to be by the same diplomacies that one does in everyday life, for that would mean connecting with all sorts of phonies and being a phonie myself. That wouldn't fill any void. In fact that would create more voids, and the me would die out beind the facades of a virtual society.

I find a like minded. Rather a like-minded finds me. The gibberish queen, profound in all that she says, graces, by giving me my first link. Angeline's adding me on her blogroll, was special because she, a stranger, connected with me based only on what my blog reflected of me, which, I'd like to believe, is the true me. Thank you Angel... What you did was most profound, in that it made me believe in the real me.

Then on, I dropped any little phoniness that I had in blogworld, and dedicated myself to blogging honestly (with a pinch of salt, that is). It has been wonderful throughout, and I find myself growing in depth and belief in myself and all that I stand for. I find there are people willing to listen to this chaps, stories, cock and bull or whatever. I thank you, Catch-22 for this!

I would thank,
Anjali, whose comments have been my greatest inspiration...
Jiby chettan, who is an honest blogger and somebody I can relate to,
Sherin K. Daniel, who has been a motivating force in everything,
Neena, my sister for her expert comments on my writing,
TVM Vikings, whose memories make me,
and also everyone who's ever posted a comment on my blog (I'll try to make a list) and other people who have by whatever actions/ommissions have made a difference in my blog. I am grateful to all, for my Catch-22.

Stephanie Lynn said this to me,

"I believe it's very important for one to express themself as thoroughly as possible. To some, the understanding and knowledge of our own thoughts is an intricate element of enlightenment or simply seeing the 'big' picture. I've found that in our society, others will tend to find you interesting, compelling, intriguing, if you find yourself interesting. Now please eliminate any element of arrogance or greed, or modern tendencies of self-proclaimed success. In the simpliest, truest form. Perhaps, I should elaborate by adding, if you have a general interests in your thoughts, their development, and possibilities of their expansion - others will be drawn to these characteristics (that they may also possess or desire to possess)."

That's what I'll say to you, fellow bloggers. Wish Catch-22, long life!


പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

Congratulations, Padayatty! Keep shining, keep blogging, and we'll keep reading...

Jiby said...

Neil, congratulations on making your way to a very special day...to be honest with you i was on the verge of quitting blogging until i read this inspiring post...and it gives me hope.

Without you realizing, you have sprewn light around...you showed me the way to blogworld when you left the fist ever comments there. And in a year of great upheavals and questioning my very existence i discovered myself again thru my blog....what Stephanie said about blogging is so true.

Neil...you got a long way to go...the best years of your blogging lie ahead...Happy Anniversary!!

silverine said...

Hi Neil,
You were my very first commenter on Blogspot!!! and I was surpised at your comment. Because I never thought anyone would bother to read that first post. In fact ,my earlier posts were just me letting off steam, and I would be pleasantly surprised by yours an Adarsh's comments. I am really glad that through blogs I discovered such great blog pals like you.
Having been a regular reader of your blogs since March, I must say that I see a dramatic improvement in the quality of writing for someone so young. Not that your earlier posts lacked in quality, but your latest posts show amazing ability to elucidate. Great going.

Happy Birthday Catch 22 from Poomanam!!!

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Angel said...


Neil, thank you ever so much for what you've said...as you said, here at blogosphere, the like-minded somehow end up finding each other..it's exciting!
I'm glad I played a *small* part in making you believe in the real you!

And reading all this on a Sunday morning is making my Sunday richer than it usually is!!
Thanks, and God Bless!
Let profundity reign I say! (errr..gibberish too!)

jon said...

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Thanks for the great posts...


Neil Padayatty said...

@mahout- Thank you. You too!
@jiby- Aw, come on! You've been an inspiration youeself. I started friends nostalgia posts after you started doing it.
@silverine- I was your first commentor? That's great! I'll probably make it to some records book, when you become the most successful blogger in the world. I know you will!
@angel- Go gibberish go! Thank you for everything! I'm glad I could make your Sunday great! That's the least I can do!

silverine said...

@Neil: Thank you :)

ny*o*gen said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ny*o*gen said...

Neil, that's great! It's important to set goals for yourself and stick with them. Expression of thought is absolutely essential. It's amazing that the same thing that can lead us with SUCH great ambition, motivation, and determination is the same exact thing that can hold us back, whether it's the fear of failure, lack of perfection, or even not making the time: your mind. The possibilities are endless. This mindset will take you far. Keep challenging yourself....


Praveen said...

Congrats buddy, wish you have a very long blogging years ahead. Your posts have the amazing quality in that it can make the readers feel exactly the way you want them to feel. I think that's a wonderful asset in a writer. So keep blogging.

Adarsh A. Varghese said...

Happy Anniversary to the blog and the guy that was the inspiration behind Just for the heck of it.

Neil Padayatty said...

@nyogen - Thanks for dropping by on Catch-22's birthday! I'll keep challenging myself!

@praveen - Thanks man. You too are great!

@adarsh - Well, well! I didn't know that! But I swear I didn't do it on purpose!

sandeep said...

Happy Birthday to your blog...friend...I always felt an enormous pleasure while reading your blog...Hey, there are limited sweeties in this world who can express their feelings with such a treasure oriented style...I always felt to drop an elaborated comment in your various posts but than I think...uff...it will be fuzzy and fussy...it will not look good in your blog...But today I gave such an unnecessary details because I wanna have this rare pleasure throughout my life. You are too good as a human being...I endear to read your expression...You know Why...b'coz they are Direct DIl SE...One suggestion on this day...friend...U have a rare talent...that is...a combination of simplicity and sobriety...So, to felicitate with this inherent charisma and flamboyance of excitement in congruity...Plz, don't deviate from your originality...Once again...u coerced me to say dat...U r d best.

Adarsh A. Varghese said...

Hey, I have tagged you with the 55 word story tag.

>|' ; '| said...

keep bloggin padayatty!plq

Sangeetha said...

hey, neil...happy bday to ur blog!!
i never bothered to post a comment on ur blog, but then, i've been hooked on reading all your posts for quite sometime.


Da,Afzal is in london now.One more of TVM vikings is in a new pasture.Cheers.

Neil Padayatty said...

@sandeep - Thanks you Sandeep! I know I''ll never get referred to by any better adjectives, than the ones you've used! I'm just glad I can be interesting to someone who has everyone as his friend! And thanks to good blokes like you, I'm kept from taking a wrong turn and ending up being not me!
About posting comments, any comment from you however fuzzy, will be special for me and Catch-22!
@adarsh - Thanks's, bu no thanks, as I've already been tagged, the same tag, by Angeline.
@poison - You too! And your alternates too!
@sanggetha - Pleasure seeing a comment from you. Thank you for reading my posts. Keep commenting too!
@Darren - Ani, we'll all go to new pastures, but all in hope that one day we'll get back together. All the best to Afzal ol' fella.



blah_blah_blogger said...

Am i late on this one? anyway, congratulations...your blog is a great read...keep it up...