Jan 6, 2005

The CM & Me!!!

Ya... CM is indeed Chief Minister of Chattisgarh. So, I and Adarsh and Parth and the Bangladesh-Returned Debanshu and Amit, along with Prof. Shantakumar and Prof. Saha, all went to meet the CM at his sprawling bungalow at Civil Lines. God was that Chief Minister lucky! Having me to meet him and all.
Anyway we went in the Univ bus and alighted near the gate. There was a big crowd with all sorts of petitions to make to the CM, gathered there.

But since we were big-shot-lawyers-to-be, and we had the big-shot-look with the black coat and all, and more because of the genuine-big-shots that had cleared our appointment, we didn't have to wait outside like 'we the people' did. We went right through the small gate beside the big gate(I guess that one's for the CM only), to the security shed. There we were supposed to fill up our names in a register. But again, since we had our RIP(really-important-personality), the Resgistrar, G.S. Verma, with us we could get away with writing Registrar+8. That's us.

We took the road-often-taken to the CM's bungalow and there, we waited for our turn to come. So there was I and you-know-who-all standing talking amongst ourselves talking in sarcastic tones about our favourite politicians(Lalu and Jaya included). In between some guy, maybe PR, came and took notes on what we were doing there. Amit gave a detailed account of his exploits at Dhaka. You see he had place HNLU on the map by winning some really coveted prizes there. Three Cheers, Amit old boy

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