Jan 15, 2005

Me and Catch-22

The reason I got obsessed with this Catch-22 thing is that, for the ordinary person that I am, everything seems Catch-22. Some clever guys always come up with one catch or the other and fool me. The catches always favour the clever guys. Poor unintelligent dullards like me are the one's who always are at the receiving end of the catches.

I mean... take Yossarian for example. The poor bastard was just an ordinary man, who thought going for war was going to be just another job. He ended up being tangled up in all those catches. His innocent acceptance of the brilliance of Catch-22, reflects his absolute failure to make anything out of the catch.

Same's the case with me... poor me. The funny thing is, despite this world being so full of catches, I never am able to come up with any catches to entrap these clever guys. They always deliver the final catch. They leave me speechless. Dumb me... There's a lot of catches I could talk to you about. The catches involving friends, family, studies... I'll talk about it another time.

Yossarian is a personal hero of mine. Here's my ordinary man. Here's me with all those unclear concepts and all. Saying this now... saying that then... I definitely do not understand the world in any strict sense. What I do know is that I do not have any correct-exact-to-the-point answers for anything. My philosophy is unclear. I'm a most unstable person as far as thoughts are concerned. So don't expect me not to eat my own words. That's my diet.

Here's a Catch-22 to be aware of:

Don't ever keep a strict philosophy.
There's bound to be a Catch somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

hi caffeine addict here...

you said there was something about my writing..well? what? :D

hmm....i wont really comment on this post..because firstly i never finished reading the novel ( oh the horror) and secondly because my lfie seems to be one big catch 22..if i start then id ramble on and on and on....and feel remarkably ill used at the end of it :)