Mar 8, 2005

The Dagword Challenge

If you guys have read "Words that should exist", about which my previous post was, then you must have also come across the challenge put by the columnist.

The challenge was for a dagword for a line up (or queue) that always seems to move faster than the one you are stuck in!

Here's the dagword I coined for this particular predicament, you and I have found ourselves so often in - "Iqueue" - reason being the 'i'rony of the 'queue'.

Brilliant! Isn't it? Thank you, Thank you! No mention please!

That success makes me want more and a search on Google reveals to me a Dagword Challenge held by ABC Sydney.

Challenge 93 is for a word for the experience when you hear a word not previously encountered and then, in the days following, hear it again and again and again, almost as if the word is stalking you.
They've even given a sample answer, Lexiconned. That means you won't win the challenge if that's the word that came to your mind. Better find some other word.

Email with your answer and you could win a handful of Australian books, including the first edition of The Dag's Dictionary. I don't know whether it's applicable internationally. But I suggest you take up the challenge.

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