Mar 10, 2005

A Million Hindu's

My favourite newspaper now sells a million copies daily. Read the new-item at Thanks a million, dear readers.

The Hindu has reached this milestone in its journalistic journey, not without reason. It has over the years done quality reporting, all the while holding steadfast to certain journalistic basics, which most other newspapers today have conveniently forgotten. While the other papers thrive on sensationalism, papparazi stunts, Page 3 glamour and sleaze serving, The Hindu, delivers quality, relevant news, which is unbiased, authoritative and concentrates on the news rather than on opinion formation.

I'd approve and certify this excerpt from the above-mentioned news-item:

"On its part, The Hindu has been striving ceaselessly to reach higher levels of reliability, relevance, and professional standards in offering its readers high quality and varied fare, depth and width of coverage, and enhanced local coverage. Most importantly, it has adhered steadfastly to its core journalistic values of truth telling, independence, objectivity, seriousness, and integrity."

I wish The Hindu all success!

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