Mar 7, 2005


No... You got it wrong. It's no badword, this dagword thing. It's simply a word which should exist, but doesn't. Still don't get it... Oh well, I guess I should explain.

Have you ever had the feeling that you were in a situation and you didn't have the right word to describe the situation? Have you ever felt that suffocation, that uneasiness that stems from your inability to pinpoint the situation in a single word? If you didn't feel it, you're probably dumb, and if you did feel it, then here's an effort to fill the gaps in language.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting... The Dag's Dictionary!

Here, you'll find that what you've been seeking!

If you wanna know more on Dagwords, read this month's Wordspeak column on 'The Hindu', written by Anand : "Words that should exist"!


Angel said...

hey..I've heard about such words...but aren't they called sniglets??
there's a book called 'Sniglets' which I've flipped through....

Angel said...
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