Dec 20, 2004

Hail Hidayatullah !!!

I wrote this article on the first anniversary of HNLU. It got published on the Law School Tutorial website.

Many would tell you that it is otherwise. But, I should tell you, it is not so. Because I was there.
15th of July, 2003:
It was an assortment of students from all over India. I was among them. I was nervous, scared of the future and apprehensive of the risk I was taking. But what I saw around me, cheered me. I saw faces – full of hope for a bright future, eyes – intense and focused to achieve their goals, minds – that itched to change the world, souls – I yearned to know better, Friends – whom I would learn to cherish.
A lamp was lit, signifying the birth of a new University, founded with the cherished mission of ‘Dharma Samsthapanartha’ as its goal. As we watched, we saw the fire, we lived history.
A year hence, that fire still burns on. Hail Hidayatullah!
15th of July, 2004:
It's the first birthday of the infant. It's the day when one looks back and remembers fondly the events, of a year gone by. The pain, the trials and tribulations, the joy. All of which are part of the infants growth.
A year has passed, and one definitely feels proud and lucky to have been part of... of what will, in all probability be an institution of repute, of excellence, of glory, in years to come. We've transited from fly-filled hostels, sleepless mosquitoed nights, waterless bathrooms, half-built classrooms with broken fans and food you couldn't call food, to a respectable, student oriented, top-class University over the period of one year.
When one looks at achievements, there'll be the Louis M. Brown Client Counselling Competition which HNLU with its limited resources organized to a grand success, the 2nd best Memorial Prize won at the 4thNational Human Rights Competition and various minor achievements.
I take this opportunity to pay my tribute to HNLU and all the people who have been the life of it. It was the vision of many a great minds that gave us HNLU. It was sheer professionalism that saw the birth of a new University, built right from scratch, in a matter of few months. The infant grew, fighting the odds, surviving successfully against the storms that season the best. All throughout it was nurtured with the love of a father and the warmth of a mother, by one man. It was seen through its darkest hours by the wise guidance of this one man. I do pay my tribute to the man who made history and named it HNLU, our Vice Chancellor, Prof. Jose P. Vergheese. He continues with his efforts as the University is geared up to move into the new campus in the next academic year.
Hail Hidayatullah !!
I would pay my tribute
to Prof. G.V. Ajappa who taught me the first lessons in law during his Legal Method classes;
to Prof. Bhat Sairam, who inspired us to excel, who taught us to stand up for our rights, who, even though he is not at the University any more, makes his presence felt by the legacy he left;
to Dr.Maheshwar Singh, who took the first lecture at HNLU, who with his cheerful character has made life at HNLU a pleasure;
to Mr. Uday Shankar who felt the pulse of the students and stood up for them;
to Major Aby T. Varkey for the experiences he gave that changed our world view;
to Mr. Ashish Mohanty who was the students own teacher very much involved in academics as well as in non academics;
to Prof. Syed Jaffar Hussain who was the jolly spirit who roamed the corridors of HNLU spreading pure love and goodwill.
I would pay tribute to those non-teaching staff who contributed their handfull of sand towards making HNLU a prospective Everest.
I congratulate all my friends, on their succesful completion of a years learning at HNLU. I believe that they, like me, are better off by the experience they have been through. I dream for the great new future HNLU, about which, I would one day be able to talk with great pride.
Hail Hidayatullah !!!
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