Dec 30, 2004

Happy No-Birthdays !!!

Ordinary human beings like me are plain scared of it. Don't you laugh at me, because if you were an ordinary human-being and you happened to witness this strange ritual here in HNLU, then you would feel the same too.
I dare not talk about it; but if you will keep it a secret, I will tell you. So swear upon whatever it is that you usually swear on and listen.

They call it 'Birthday Bumping'.

It could be anyday. I tell you... anyday. What with somebody's birthday coming up every other day! So if the current day is your b'day(God forbid), or the b'day of somebody even remotely connected with you, then I'd say... run for it buddy or you've had it!!!

The whole boys hostel, would be there... displaying unprecedented unity, screaming at the top of their voices, organising flawlessly like an army for a war, in a concerted effort to beat the shit out of whoever it is, that was unlucky to be born that day. They all, with all the unity in diversity that India represents, kick on the arse of the protagonist, in between wishing him happy(?) b'day. Talk about happiness. Why not bliss?

Given the strength of the boys hostel... that's atleast a hundred odd blows. Some say, the pain stays for a day, some say that it feels good, but what I say is that, I'm bloody scared of the bloody thing.

I tell you... you must actually hear the blood-thirsty screams of these people, exhibiting with no inhibitions, any hitherto dormant animal insticts, they have. The eyes, dancing with sadistic pleasure; the faces, contorted in one devilish mode.

At first I used to stand nearby watching. But, of late I remain inside with a pillow over my head, more from the repulsive nature of the act than from the founded fear of the mob finding some combination in which I too would be a victim.

All this is done in extremely good faith, ie. at least in a superficial level. Personal vendetta sometimes might be involved in finding a combination for an enemy. Some even say its a good way to give vent to the repressed emotions and all.

I hope it would stop for some reason. Maybe... after something serious happens to somebody! But the thing is, I cant wait for that long, because I might be the one to whom the serious thing happens!!!

I'll be seeing what I can do to stop this. But the prospects look bleak.
So till then let's just keep this between ourselves and hope for the best.

And to you people... I wish you the very best and hope that none of you ever have Birthday's.
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i had my doubts,now it is clear,hundred odd sodmizing it too forward to accept,Any way wish u all all the best

Anonymous said...

Same here.

We, keralaites are alien to clebrating B'days in this 'happiest' manner possible. Its seems that so called law student-turned mobsters are following the policy "one birthday for all and all for one birthday".