Dec 14, 2004

Lazy Me

Well 'twas the lazy me who never gets time to even mail home that started so ambitiously a blog, expecting foolishly as always that this would be one thing i would do correctly. Here i am with only two posts after a lifetime has passed since signing up at blogger. Same old me. But this time i swear by whoever is the unlucky guy who is going to get his head blown off because i swear on his name, that i will never ever expect that i am going to get organized or anything. I'll just be same old me and expect same old me would find blogging interesting enough to do it regularly the way i do things which i like, examples of which may be sleeping, staring into the computer till infinity and so on. The funny thing is I'm always on the internet, doing all sort of things, neglecting my studies in exchange of the pleasure of... I think i got the subject for another post. So there.
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