Dec 30, 2004

I Don't Care For Them

While all those unknown faces face, the worst days of their life,
Here at HNLU... A sinister show of extreme extravagance;
At 50 per head, an unnecessary prodigality;
A grossly thoughtless act; superfluous.

So what if there was a Tsunami,
Not amongst it, my Family;
Well, here my body is so safe,
I might as well eat the cake.

I will not move, a finger of hand,
For those I love, are all in shape.
And about those people...
"Don't somebody die every other day!"

My thoughts are needed elsewhere,
For tiny things I have no care;
To all those people out there,
I wish a Happy New Year!

So we will have all Rock 'n' Roll,
At the Tej Bahadur Hall,
Dance till death at party ball,
In this season post-Yule.

While we in our merriment gay;
They that died the other day,
Would hurl a curse, that will stay!
But then... who believes in curses?

Lend me ears, O friends of mine,
Give all you a prayer of thine,
To those that lost their dear ones.
That's the least y'all could do for them.

-Neil Padayatty.

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