Dec 25, 2004

Merry Christmas !!!

Come my favourite season of the year and I get the blues of the good old Christmas's with Thistle Hair, Frosty the Snowman, Bambi and Rudolph Reindeer, with decked halls of boughs and holly, where Santa Claus comes with his merry "Ho! Ho! Ho!" and my Papa sings the Christmas Carols in his cracking voice, my sister making a crib worthy of the 'Unni Isow', and Mummy cooking something delicious.

Well there's more to the world than mere fantasy. I know that. But let me for one time of the year, dream of the Winter Wonderland, and the Sleigh Bells and the Christmas Star.

For me Christmas is the time for freshening myself... to be reborn along with Baby Jesus... A return to innocence!!!

Merry Chrismas and the choicest blessings of this wonderful season to all of you.
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