Dec 14, 2004

Progress Bars

I've got a long list on my transfer's page in eMule. The list is so damn bloody long, that it might take a million light years or so to complete. But I have hope. Hope for the future. And what keeps me hopeful is the Progress Bar.

O Progress Bar,
Thou art a star,
Who gives us hope,
And helps us cope,
With all the pain,
Before the gain.

I have spent a million years staring at my progress bars. They never cease to seize my attention. It's a million prayers that moves the blue bar, to cover the red bar. They tell me that I am not there, where I was yesterday.

Wish I could have a progress bar, showing my life's progress in it. That way I would have a reminder of how much time I while away in front of the progress bar.
Aw! Forget it. That's not possible. Besides if I had such a bar, I wouldn't be very much surprised if I found myself staring at my progress bar, expecting some progress when I'm actually doing nothing.

What I understand is that my well-wishers are my progress-bars. Though they do not have the blue bar-red bar system, they're just fine.

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